Baptism & Confirmation

Baptisms, as well as Thanksgivings for the Birth of a Child, are wonderful occasions to celebrate people coming to Faith, of ANY AGE; therefore, St Mary's would be delighted to celebrate such a momentous spiritual event with you.  

Though people often do consider Holy Baptism as a response to the birth of a child, it is also possible to have a joyous ceremony of thanksgiving if you decide that you would prefer for your child not to be baptised.  Please speak to the Rector, or another member of our Ministry Team, if you would like to discuss this further.

At Holy Baptism, you begin your child’s journey of faith with them and promise to help them to discover God’s love.  In Holy Baptism, your child becomes a member of God’s church and part of God’s family.  Baptism is a very special occasion for you and for the church. 

When you bring children to Holy Baptism, you and the Godparents make statements of faith and promises on behalf of your child.  It is important that you know what these statements and promises are in advance and that you all think about them.  They are precious.

If you do decide to have your child baptised, call us on 01382 781 659.

If YOU decide to bring yourself forward for Holy Baptism, or know of someone who'd like to discuss Adult Baptism, call us on 01382 781 659.

In the Scottish Episcopal Church, it’s the normal practice for the Rite of Holy Baptism to take place within a service of Holy Communion; that said, it is occassionally possible to conduct Holy Baptisms in a shorter service on a Sunday afternoon.  Please check with the Rector and the Ministry Team when you meet them to discuss Holy Baptism at St. Mary's Scottish Episcopal Church.

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